Some people still think that in order to increase their strength and muscles they must dedicate themselves to a strict exercise and diet program. While and exercise and diet are an important part of weight training, there are several supplements available on the market that can significantly enhance your progress. It’s a known fact that bodybuilders on a weight or strength training program need to take a diet rich in protein. However, a diet high in protein is sometimes just not enough especially if you’re on an intensive workout program. Taking supplements can help you in this respect and give you a little boost that you might not otherwise get from diet alone.

Weight training supplements contain active ingredients that help your body recover from workouts and also increase your endurance, performance and size of your muscles. Weight training supplements can be classified into pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplement. There are also others known as night time supplements which are taken before sleep to help your muscles recover.

Pre-workout Supplements

These supplements are taken before you begin your workouts and can contain active ingredients that will increase your performance during your training by giving you strength and extra energy. Many pre-workout supplements contain a natural compound known as Nitric Oxide which is also found in your body. When Nitric oxide is taken as a supplement, it causes vasodilation of blood vessels thus allowing for more oxygen to flow to the muscles. This will provide a temporary increase in your strength. Here are three pre-workout supplements you can use.

Green Tea

Green tea works by increasing your energy levels in a smooth, gradual manner. The supplement is packed with j caffeine and L-Theanine, which work together to increase your energy and performance while preventing any potential side effects. Many weight trainers who take green tea who take green tea before their workout have reported increased focus, a boost of energy and better concentration.


Creatine supplement is the most popular performance-aggrandizing supplement in the world. Its working mechanism is simple and pretty much effective. When consumed, the supplement is converted to creatine phosphate. This creatine phosphate in turn helps in the creation of adenosine triphosphate, a substance responsible for muscular contractions and energy generation. Read more about creatine here.

Whey Protein

Using whey protein before your workout will help you to achieve a toned body you have been working to get. The supplement works by supplying the muscles with aminoacids, which increases your performance at the gym.


This is a powerful stimulant which makes the great pre-workout supplement. Caffeine targets the nervous system and increases your alertness, energy and focus.
Caffeine also stimulates the release of endorphins which improve your mood and increased motivation. You will get out of that gym door feeling more confident than ever to start sweating and working your muscles.

Post-workout Supplements

When looking to build a muscular physique and lose fat, post workout supplements for bodybuilding are very important. Not only do them help in stopping muscle breakdown and supplying nutrition, but they also help in protein synthesis which adds to the muscles. Without them, muscles could easily breakdown as an effect of overexertion, and instead of gaining muscle, you might lose some of it. Experts suggest that it is the first 1 to 2 hours that are the most crucial as that is the anabolic window when most of these nutrients are absorbed by the body and improve the body’s recovery & growth potential. The following are two examples of post workout supplements.

1. Post-workout Protein

Proteins are very essential after your workout because that is when your body needs them the most. Proteins are highly essential to repair wear & tear and also essential for protein synthesis in the body. This prevents the breakdown of muscle & increases muscular growth. It has also been noticed that taking proteins right after your workouts produces better results than ingesting them during resting times. Your protein intake should be around fifty grams or as suggested by your trainer. Good sources of protein include meat, eggs, milk, fish, pulses, etc.

2. Post-workout Carbohydrates

One might think that carbs after a workout can make you fat, but it is very crucial to prevent carbohydrate deficiency in the body. Remember, your body is too tired after exercising and needs energy, which these carbs supply. Carbohydrates can also increase insulin levels in the blood and keep them elevated for long periods. This helps control excess blood sugar that may be harmful to muscles. They also help in increasing glycogen levels in the body, which are essential for improving performance.

How do Weight Training supplements Work?

The different kinds of supplements available today will all provide different types of benefits from bigger muscles, to improved endurance and everything else in between. It all depends on what type of person you are and the training that you do which determines the type of supplement you should choose. You might only be interested in building a stronger inner core, which means you have to select the appropriate types of supplement.

When searching for training supplements, what do you need to look out for?

With so many different types of supplements on the market, you should be especially careful that you only spend money on the right company and brand. Remember that this is not only about your financial investment, but as a weight trainer and somebody clearly conscious of their personal fitness, making sure you ingest only good supplements should be at the top of your list.

One of the easiest ways to spot a good supplement is to simply go online and look for testimonials. It should be quite easy to spot the fake testimonials as most will have at least some aspects of negativity if they are honest. Further from searching for testimonials, joining good bodybuilding or weight training forum is a really good idea. There you can get an idea from people and join in the discussion about different types of supplements and how they have worked for the individual.

The age of a company that produces a particular product is also important. Here we’re looking for an established company to ensure that clients have had enough time to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product.

Also, ensure that the cost of the product is acceptable also. Don’t go for the cheapest products, as this is usually reflected in the quality of the product. Try to start off with a mid-cost supplement and work your way up from there based on your budget.

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