Repetition schemes come as unique as the lifters you witness performing them. But there will be one particular repetition scheme that is common. Every muscle or exercise magazine will have a workout routine with these reps.

I am sure you know what I am talking about, 3 sets of 10. Or for the adventurous guys, 3×12.
12 reps are just about all a lot of guys ever use. Never straying from it.
Although is this the most beneficial mix…
can there be a far better mixture of reps together with sets? I’m certain you do not want to hear it, but that answer I am about to tell you is correct….and that is…

It all depends.

I know this doesn’t tell you much although that answer is right.
There are many components you should evaluate. But to keep it short…
there isn’t the best repetition system.
For me, I feel that the compound exercises are best done with 5 sets of 5.

For a powerlifter, they will commit most of their time performing singles, doubles, and triples, keeping the reps very low. Those looking to build muscle mass tend to limit the time they spend with those low reps.
With accessory exercises, somewhere in the area of 10 -15 reps works well. Staying around 2 or 4 sets.
The same holds true for some muscle groups.* Calves* abs* forearms* traps…
These muscles respond differently in comparison with your major muscle groups. Here you actually will be able to get away utilizing a lot higher volume. The sets and reps are likely to be greater with these particular body parts.

Your Best Option

One of the best approaches for packing on lots of serious muscle mass would be to incorporate the repetition cycling system. A typical 4-week long pattern should probably go like this…

1. Week one of your fitness program could be higher repetitions. Training somewhere in the 12 to 15 rep range.

2. Week two time to drop the reps and increase the weight. Repetitions for this week will be around the 10.

3. Within the 3rd week aim for 8 reps.

4. Five reps will be your top end range for your final week.

Now that your 4-week cycle is complete, start back and week 1 with high reps. But this time add 5 pounds more than you had last month. Even if you do the same exercises from month to month, that’s fine because The numerous rep ranges are hitting those muscles differently. You are hitting different energy systems, and stressing your muscles differently from week to week. You are targeting different muscle fiber types each week.
Lastly, how should you lift? Should you lift the weight fast? Slow? Medium?

Most people think that you should move the weight slowly, as this always gives the greatest pump. While this is true, this isn’t the best for building muscle. What this does do is create a big buildup of lactic acid in the muscle instead.

Muscles were made for speed, and made to contract quickly. Studies in recent years have shown that being as explosive as possible actually leads to not only great strength and power gains, but also increased muscle size as well. Now, that doesn’t mean being haphazard with your reps or lifting sloppily. It means using tight form, and being explosive.

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